Press Releases

Norwich, Connecticut June 8, 2020

The NAACP Norwich Branch supports our Brothers and Sisters across this nation and in the City of Norwich as they seek justice for the senseless murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor during these horrific times in our nations. Also, we cannot forget the disturbing
racially motivated incident in New York City when an African American man is accused of threatening a white female just because he asked her to leash her dog and now this week the racially motivated incident of an African American female in Norwich stopping at our local Starbucks to get her breakfast only to be subjected to a threatening and racially motivated attack.

The NAACP Norwich Branch and NAACP Robertsine Duncan Youth Council will work with our elected and appointed officials, police department, community partners and residents of the City of Norwich to:

  • Review the 2018 and 2019 National Law Enforcement Applied Research & Data Platform Report: Community Survey and address areas needing improvement including increasing participation of resident’s completing the survey in the future;
  • Review of Current Polices of Norwich Police Department on Use of Force Continuum including if the use of Knee Holds is acceptable in Use of Force Continuum;
  • Review the Norwich Police Department record of disciplining or charging Officers charged with Misconduct;
  • Review the reported incidents of Hate Crimes and Falsified Reporting of a Crime to the Norwich Police Department;
  • Establish a Citizen’s Review Board in the City of Norwich.

Together we need to demand from each and every one of us to fight for equality, inclusion and

Sincerely Yours,

Shiela Hayes
NAACP Norwich Branch
Thsarny Pierre
NAACP Robertsine Duncan Youth Council